League of Legends Shopping Experience

  • Skills Needed:
    Prototyping, User Research, UX Design, Wireframing
  • Client:
    Independent Project
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Despite its humble beginnings, League of Legends (or LoL) has grown into one of the most played games of all time. In this project I looked at potential ways of increasing usability and efficiency in the Shopping System for LoL. Currently, the shopping system utilizes a single-purchase model in which a user is able to buy one item at a time. While this may have been ideal in the past when only a handful of purchasable champions and skins were available, but the game has grown to include over 100 champions and 300 skins! Due to the sheer number of purchasable items in the store, users would greatly benefit from a simple “shopping cart system”

The goal of this project was less friction for users,  while increasing the number of completed sales. One of the main proposals I had for doing so was dramatically decreasing the number of steps for users trying to purchase an item.



This is an ongoing project in which I will continue to add more usability testing and user experience related research.

This is a concept project and I was not employed by Riot Games during this project. All images and videos of characters or UI belongs to Riot Games.

The entire process including wireframe sketches, design defense, flowchart can be seen after the jump!

Click below to see the full report!

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